Finally got my woolies shirt.
Disregarding memories. I think this weather calls for the return of this hat.
I had this photo taken, and afterwards got like 50 vouchers for free ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s! Haha!
Fire up manly! C’mon Manly! #bringthenoise (Taken with Instagram)
Splendid. (Taken with Instagram)
I really miss my girlfriend a lot right now :( (Taken with Instagram)
So Geoff Toovey (manly coach) gave me a lift to Brookvale oval and gave me free entrance courtesy to my great buddy Zane! (Taken with Instagram)
Ready for origin! (Taken with Instagram)
What a day. (Taken with Instagram)
Found my old NSW origin jersey for tonight! Go the blues! (Taken with instagram)
The evolution of Teigan and my relationship. How lovely (Taken with instagram)
Remember the time I was waiting for food because we had vegetarians cooking with us at camp? (Taken with instagram)
Chillin’ with a kookaburra! (Taken with instagram)
:D (Taken with instagram)